Prestige Baby Walking Harness

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  • Reduce the back pain of parents and grandparents bending over.
  • It starts with all the safety belts that help to stand, including the ankle support, and then walks... With the help of a detachable seat belt, you can see the miracle in front of you, step by step, from standing to walking, you and Your baby is the co-creator of the miracle.
  • Walking aide is a new and good idea to help your baby learn to stand, balance and walk during toddlers.
  • Seat belts bring your child close to you and prevent them from inadvertently encountering dangerous traffic, which will effectively prevent any traffic accidents from happening to them.
  • Adjustable shoulder strap: Can be fully adjusted to suit different chest sizes and baby waists as well as different heights for parents, making the baby and parents more comfortable and free.